About JCR

Mark and Jenni at Playa Linda Beach, Florida

Welcome all kids-at-heart! Just Chasing Rabbits is a travel blog for the forever young. Why? Because that’s exactly what we are! We are Mark and Jennifer Campbell, a married couple from Mississippi, who travel every chance we get! We travel with a sense of curiosity, and while we do visit the iconic sites, we’re always looking for the unusual and the amazing along the way! 

“Jenni and Mark go to the most interesting sights… without kids but approaching them with an attitude of fun!”-2 Travel Dads

Here on the blog, we share our travel stories and tips from iconic destinations to unusual curiosities. We hope to inspire others to defy comfort zones, turn the everyday into an extraordinary adventure, and to do something meaningful!

Why “Just Chasing Rabbits”? 
The name of this blog actually came from Jenni’s mom! Jenni says, “On any road trip with my mama, she would never admit it when we got lost or took a wrong turn. Instead, she would say we were ‘just chasing rabbits.’

I love that saying, and I feel that it fits all situations, not just road trips! If you’re not sure of where you are in life, never admit that you’re lost! Say you’re just chasing rabbits!”

Jenni with her mom and sister on a road trip to Atlanta in 2013.

So often, the journey is JUST as important as the destination, and you never know what awesome things you’ll find, lessons you’ll learn, great people you’ll meet, and beautiful scenery you’ll see while you’re just chasing rabbits!


Mark, Jenni, and a stingray at Stingray City in the Cayman Islands

Who Are We? We are Jennifer and Mark, a couple of travel-lovers who live in Mississippi with our three fur-babies. We have been together since 2001 and married (and traveling together) since 2004.

Our first adventure together was our small honeymoon to New Orleans, Louisiana, and it was soon followed by a much larger trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We were just starting to learn about travel; what do to, what not to do, budgets, etc., but we were also learning more about each other at the same time.

We figured out early on that we are exceptionally great travel companions because we balance each other out, support each other, and share the same curiosity, wonder, and want for adventure. It’s very rare for us to complete one trip without already starting to plan the next!

We encourage you to have new experiences in the future (they’ll make great memories and stories!), cherish the past (research your family history, read incredible books, watch the greatest movies, visit museums, keep scrapbooks and photo albums), and to live in the present with eyes, mind, and heart wide open!