Meet Mark

Hello and thanks for visiting our travel site. I’m Mark. When I’m not working long hours, I spend my time traveling with my best friend and perfect travel companion- my wife, Jenni.

We live in North Mississippi with our chihuahua daughter, Gizmo.

In our spare time, Jenni and I both enjoy reading, catching up on movies and our favorite TV shows, and playing a few video games, but I can most often be found planning our next vacation.

My favorite destination we’ve visited so far has to be Hawaii. The islands were beautiful, and Jenni and I had some amazing adventures. Plus, the food was amazing.

I also really enjoyed our Route 66 Road Trip, driving the mother road of America. We traveled through many states for the first time, stopped at some great roadside attractions (like spray-painting cars at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas and “Standing on the Corner” in Winslow, Arizona), and saw some amazing sights (Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater).

We hope you enjoy our stories and photos. Safe travels!