Meet Jenni

Hey yall! Welcome! I’m Jennifer, creator and founder of this blog, our little area of the internet known as Just Chasing Rabbits.

I am married to my best friend and travel companion, Mark. We were married in 2004, and discovered soon after that we shared a love of travel. Neither of us had traveled much before we were married, but man, has that changed!

We currently live in north Mississippi, in the Tupelo area (which you may recognize as the birthplace of Elvis Presley), with our doggie-daughter, a precious chihuahua named Gizmo.

My alma mater is Jackson State University, in the capital city of Mississippi, where I earned my BA in studio art (summa cum laude!).

Total, I have 17 years of studio art training/experience under my belt and have been focusing on photography since 2007. I have worked for/with some of the most amazing photographers and artists over the years.

Our first short trip together was our honeymoon to New Orleans, Louisiana. Our first real vacation together was to Disney World in 2005, and Disney has continued to be a favorite destination for us since then.

I belong to a long list of fandoms, including Disney/Pixar, Harry Potter (Ravenclaw!), Supernatural, Hanson, Ghost Adventures, The Walking Dead, and tons more. You should never be surprised to see me in Lion King or Hogwarts shirts on a regular basis.

Life is so much more fun when you are passionate about something; whether it’s music, books, movies…whatever! You can share this love with other people, and, let me tell you, it is a BLAST (and I’ll take the “nerd” title that goes along with it, thank you very much!).